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Your patient journey...

Once you have booked your first consultation, I look forward to meeting you at one of my practice locations. At the first appointment, I will conduct a detailed history and clinical examination. Further investigations may be performed as needed. I would then explain the diagnosis and options of treatment. This may involve physiotherapy, modification of insoles or footwear, targeted injections or operation. The mutually agreeable management option would try and cater to your needs and expectation. We would then discuss the rehabilitation and prognosis. You shall then be empowered to make your management decision with me helping you all along the process.

Patient Information Leaflets

The following links have additional information that would help you prepare for your forthcoming foot and ankle surgery. There is some useful information on the common issues you may face to help put your mind at ease.

Hammer Toe Correction

Ankle Fusion and Replacement

Ankle Instability

Ankle Arthroscopy


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